Universities and the Military
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University of California
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Science and Technology
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Democratizing Higher Education
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Let there be peace



Fiat Pax "Let There Be Peace"

What purpose does the university serve in our society? What kinds of knowledge are we seeking about the world and the other humans with whom we share this earth? Toward what ends are our collective efforts in scientific research and education being put? Fiat Pax is a project to explore these questions with a specific emphasis on the militarization of science, technology, and higher education.

If the primary funders of scientific research and development continue to be corporate and government entities motivated by profits or seeking ever more effecient weapons systems, our collective knowledge will continue to decline in its constructive and peace making potential. Fiat Pax is a research project intended to demonstrate the destructive effect that militarism has upon institutions of higher learning.

Our efforts to uncover and understand the militarization of universities in the United States is part of a larger movement that seeks intellectual freedom and social responsibility in the university, and democracy, equality of opportunity, and social justice in the entire educational system. Fiat Pax is a voice for peace in the University of California, but our work is a small part of attempts to expand access to higher education to anyone who seeks it, to free science and technological innovation from corporate and military distortion, and to help build universities that work for greater democracy and the public good.