The UC Regents

Provost MRC Greenwood

Richard Blum

John J Moores

Gerald Parsky

Sherry Lansing

Haim Saban

Ward Connerly

John Davies

Odessa Johnson

Joanne Kozberg

Monica Lozano

Judith Hopkins

David Lee

George Marcus

Peter Preuss

Velma Montoya

Norman Pattiz

Matt Murray

Tom Sayles




UC Committee on Investments:

The UC treasury is a fund totaling over $ 53 billion in endowments and retirement portfolios. The UC is heavily invested in the world's largest corporations, some of the most irresponsible businesses, and most major weapons manufacturers. For instance, the UC Retirement Plan Common Stock Portfolio was invested up to at least $137,213,309 in Worldcom Inc., now known as the corporation which executed perhaps the largest financial fraud in the history of the United States (Worldcom has subsequently been awarded the contract to build cell phone infrastructure in post-war Iraq). Other dubious corporations which the UC has supported through investment include, Tyco International, Halliburton ( the #1 military contractor in Iraq), among others.

The UC investment funds are managed by David H. Russ. Russ previously worked as managing director of the University of Texas UTIMCO (UT Investment Management Corporation). Serving on the Regents Investments Committee are; Gerald Parsky, David Lee, Ward Connerly, Velma Montoya, Peter Preuss, Joanne Kozberg, Norman Pattiz, Haim Saban, and Richard Blum.

DOE Lab Oversight Committee:

The UC Regents also administer the contract between the University of California and the National Nuclear Security Administration (a semi-autonomous agency within the DOE) to manage the nation's two nuclear weapons design labs. These are the Lawrence Livermore National Lab located in Livermore CA, and the Los Alamos National Lab located in Northern New Mexico. The UC Regents have tied the university to the nation's nuclear weapons complex since 1943 when Los Alamos was founded. Subsequently, every nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal has been designed by a UC employee. The Regent's and the University's interest in the labs are complex, but they include strong institutional ties, personal financial interests, and a tradition and ideology of patriotism through "public service."

Serving on the DOE Oversight Committee are Regents Peter Preuss, Richard Blum, John Davies, Velma Montoya, Gerald Parsky, Marcus, Norman Pattiz, Barbara Bodine, and Lawrence Seigler.