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Online gaming insights - Consumer protection: Part 1

Buying products and services online is quite common recently. People's trust has met with online supply and now online trading is the way to go for many businesses and sports betting, online casino gambling is taking this advantage too.

Buying a recent sony nex7 seven camera or any accessories is no longer an issue. eBay and amazon have shown us that these marketing palatforms can help create fast success for small business.

Services in genearal can be sold and bought easily especially with coupon campaigns that reduce the original price and offer great discounts to clients.

Payment methods are varied and complaints are rare. A recent study has shown that spammers, malware providers make use of this and spam lands in e-mail boxes with messages like paypal authorization of a transaction or an expired or blocked amex card - and then clicking on a link clients are diverted and may become victims of phising.

Consumer protection can be strong in certain countries where webshops are checked by protection groups and the tax office. No such comprehenisve move is established yet for online casinos as gambling is still considered illegal in certain countries.

It is not coincident then that players that have an issue turn to gamblers anonymous and seek medical advice as well as stop their accounts with gaming operastors.

In order to prevent online fraud and detect rouge casinos most players rely on online casino guides that have reviews, blacklists and forums where you can exchange views and experience and you can ask for help if you have issues with an operator.

Sources to turn to when having any kind of issue in gaming:

- casinomeister

- free pokies USA

- gamblers anonymous

- pokielistings

- rouge casinos

- usa friendly slots guide

- us gambling legalities

- player protection: eCogra