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Salaries of UC Employees



UC Salaries
Within the University of California there are vast discrepancies in pay between the service workers, professors, and administrators. Over the past several years, there has been a continuing trend of rising admninstrator salaries. For example, this year when former UCSC chancellor MRC Greenwood took over the role of UC Provost, she accepted an increase in pay of $100,000 over the salary of the last UC Provost. This was also an increase of $110,000 over what she made as the Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz.

At the same time that these salaries have been rising, student tuition has dramatically increased, and faculty and staff pay have not been increased to account for the rising cost of living in California. Below are some of the salaries of UC employees:

President Robert Dynes: $395,000
Provost M.R.C. Greenwood: $380,000.
Average chancellor's salary: $290,490
Average tenure-track professor: $91,934
Average first-year lecturer: $39,900
Food Service Worker $22,817
Janitor $21,180